Monday, 11 July 2011

Today I have listed a new item in my shop

cats eye necklace

Also Little Mr and I have had great fun this morning at a soft play barn near where we liveAs normal we were in a rush to get out of the door, I was standing outside by the car ready to go and kept shouting him to hurry up else we would not have much time to play. When he eventually came outside, I opened the car door for him muttering about being late and bless him he said "but Mummy, you haven't put my shoes on." Oh dear, I did feel a bit bad but he can put his own shoes on if he tries, normally on the wrong feet but at least they would be on. 
The yellow slide is quite steep, I had a go and was a tiny bit scared. I always go in the play dens with him, not all the time I let him play on his own as well, but he often comes to find me to drag me in. I had fun as well as him, I am not one to just sit and wait with a cup of tea, I get bored too easily. Tonight he has gone out with his dad to watch some motorbike racing so will have had a very busy day.

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