Friday, 8 July 2011

I have followers WOW

I now have some followers thanks to my friends at Folsky . It is great to have followers, I am really pleased, but slightly nervous at the same time. When I was typing to myself I could happily waffle away without fear of embarrassing myself, now someone might actually be reading this I will have to try to sound interesting.
I done some more of my cross stitch last night, I was feeling quite chuffed with myself that I seemed to be sewing quicker than on my first attempt. Until that is my partner stated "you haven't done very much" he is now taking bets on whether it will be finished in time before our son starts school. This has just made me more determined to get it done, I may even cheat and do some in the daytime.

I have also decided on a blog name for my son, I shall refer to him from now on as "Little Mr." This name seems appropriate for him as whilst he is a typical toddler with your normal tantrums and the like, sometimes I do feel like I am talking to an old man with the things he comes out with.


Lorna May said...

Good thing about cross stitch it's a carry round craft :o)
I sat sewing while waiting for dentist appointment other day.
Little Mr is great name for your toddler. They grow so fast don't they?

{Dab and a dash.}

the crafty chicken said...

of course we are reading it and you are doing a grand job. I used to do loads of cross stitch years back now the old eyes cant cope.


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