Tuesday, 5 July 2011

4th July

On American Independence day we went with a friend and her son (who is the same age as my Little Mr) to an American Air Base at RAF Feltwell. They had an open day with lots of stalls and activities. It was a great day, the weather was gorgeous.  The boys eyes lit up when they saw they could go inside a real fire engine, they sat in the back and then had a go in the drivers seat, whilst us mothers watched nervously constantly reminding them "don't touch anything!"

There were about ten different types of bouncy castles which the boys could run between and they loved it. Us mothers loved it too as we could sit in the sunshine while they were happily occupied.
Whilst we were sitting there, there was suddenly a loud noise, everyone looked up and to the crowds delight we saw The Red Arrows, they are marvelous to watch and even all the children were mesmerised.

Sorry about the picture quality, taking photos of fast moving planes is not easy on my little old 'point and click'.  Just before we left ,we passed a stall where you could win a large bear. My friend said she was having a go, I said I was not going to waste my money, well I couldn't believe it she won! The bear, her son choose an In the Night Garden Makka Pakka was HUGE, not bad for the 3 quid she paid, but I am not sure where they are going to put him, there would certainly be no room for him in our house.

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