Thursday, 14 July 2011

What a Wally

I have just taken Little Mr to Nursery. We always walk it is only a 10 minute walk and it does him good, however the other day on our return we got absolutely soaked, we were that wet it was a change of clothes and towel dry when we got home.
This morning it looked like it was going to rain so not taking any chances and running a bit late (yet again) I drove, dropped him off and set off back home again.
It was not until I was three quarters of the way home when I realised I was walking and had forgotten the car! How silly did I feel, I did think about leaving it there and picking it up when I collect him, but the nursery only have two packing spaces so this would be a bit unfair. Therefore I had to walk back again to collect the car and the trip took me twice as long as it should plus it did not rain so I have concluded that walking is the best way to go as it is kinder to the environment and in my case also alot quicker.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Today I have listed a new item in my shop

cats eye necklace

Also Little Mr and I have had great fun this morning at a soft play barn near where we liveAs normal we were in a rush to get out of the door, I was standing outside by the car ready to go and kept shouting him to hurry up else we would not have much time to play. When he eventually came outside, I opened the car door for him muttering about being late and bless him he said "but Mummy, you haven't put my shoes on." Oh dear, I did feel a bit bad but he can put his own shoes on if he tries, normally on the wrong feet but at least they would be on. 
The yellow slide is quite steep, I had a go and was a tiny bit scared. I always go in the play dens with him, not all the time I let him play on his own as well, but he often comes to find me to drag me in. I had fun as well as him, I am not one to just sit and wait with a cup of tea, I get bored too easily. Tonight he has gone out with his dad to watch some motorbike racing so will have had a very busy day.

Friday, 8 July 2011


After several trips past my living room table where I have been coiling a few beads each time I passed by, I have finally got enough to make the bracelet, this is the end result, I hope you like it.  If you click on the picture and cross your fingers with a bit of luck it will take you to my shop where you will be able to see more pictures of it.

 No sorry I can't get the clickable picture to work so all that finger crossing didn't help, you will need to click on the writing above instead, oh and you'd had better cross your fingers again!

Thank you

I have followers WOW

I now have some followers thanks to my friends at Folsky . It is great to have followers, I am really pleased, but slightly nervous at the same time. When I was typing to myself I could happily waffle away without fear of embarrassing myself, now someone might actually be reading this I will have to try to sound interesting.
I done some more of my cross stitch last night, I was feeling quite chuffed with myself that I seemed to be sewing quicker than on my first attempt. Until that is my partner stated "you haven't done very much" he is now taking bets on whether it will be finished in time before our son starts school. This has just made me more determined to get it done, I may even cheat and do some in the daytime.

I have also decided on a blog name for my son, I shall refer to him from now on as "Little Mr." This name seems appropriate for him as whilst he is a typical toddler with your normal tantrums and the like, sometimes I do feel like I am talking to an old man with the things he comes out with.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Cross stitch and bracelet

I recently found some cross stitch magazines in a charity shop (a bargain at 10p each) one of them caught my eye as it had a design to stitch for a first day at school sampler, as my little boy is starting in Sept I thought I would give it a go.  I have not done a cross stitch in years but used to find it quite relaxing so sourced some cheap threads on ebay, this has turned out to be a mistake as they are awful to use and keep getting tangled up, but never mind I will persevere. I do not have the exact colours as per the chart but have improvised and we will see how it turns out.  I started it last night and had forgotten how long it actually takes to do, I was sewing for over two hours and have only done this much

I will do a little bit each night and hope I have it finished by sept.

On another note I had an idea for a bracelet which requires loads of beads with each one individually coiled onto a headpin.  This will also take me ages so I currently have a stash of beads, headpins and completed coils on my dining room table, whenever I pass by I do two or three, this is working quite well and I have amassed quite a pile of completed ones but I still need more.

Got to go now (via table to coil beads!)

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

4th July

On American Independence day we went with a friend and her son (who is the same age as my Little Mr) to an American Air Base at RAF Feltwell. They had an open day with lots of stalls and activities. It was a great day, the weather was gorgeous.  The boys eyes lit up when they saw they could go inside a real fire engine, they sat in the back and then had a go in the drivers seat, whilst us mothers watched nervously constantly reminding them "don't touch anything!"

There were about ten different types of bouncy castles which the boys could run between and they loved it. Us mothers loved it too as we could sit in the sunshine while they were happily occupied.
Whilst we were sitting there, there was suddenly a loud noise, everyone looked up and to the crowds delight we saw The Red Arrows, they are marvelous to watch and even all the children were mesmerised.

Sorry about the picture quality, taking photos of fast moving planes is not easy on my little old 'point and click'.  Just before we left ,we passed a stall where you could win a large bear. My friend said she was having a go, I said I was not going to waste my money, well I couldn't believe it she won! The bear, her son choose an In the Night Garden Makka Pakka was HUGE, not bad for the 3 quid she paid, but I am not sure where they are going to put him, there would certainly be no room for him in our house.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

First Blog

Hi, This is my first blog. At the moment I am happily blogging to myself as I have no followers (I have not told anyone about this yet!) As a busy Mum, at home most of the day I often find myself talking to me, as my son, like this father are not normally listening. So I am happy to chat and type away to myself. I intend to use my Blog like a diary and record some of the events in mine and my son's life. I am also always trying out new crafty projects and will share these as well, I promise to Blog them even if they are disasters (many of them are - so you can be sure of a good laugh) 
We have just got back from a holiday at Butlins, here is my gorgeous son playing in the fountains on one of the hottest days of the year so far

 At the end of the holiday we had to say goodbye to Bob the Builder by giving him a high five


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