Sunday, 7 October 2012

Stupidity and Cuteness

Yesterday I was so embarrassed, Little Mr and I popped into town and parked on the multi-storey as we always do. Little Mr likes to park on the top level so we can look out of the high windows and he gets to press the buttons in the lift. On exiting the car park the ticket machine told me 'time has expired' (you get 15 minutes to leave the park after you have paid), I knew we had not been longer than that so kept putting the ticket in, believing the machine had made a mistake. Then it suddenly dawned on me - I had not paid!! Cue one very embarrassed women driver having to reverse out of the exit lane, park up again, pay and sheepishly leave hoping no one recognised me.

Later in the day as it was lovely weather we went over to the Sea Life Centre. They had some rescued baby seals in that were waiting to be released back to the sea, they were so cute.

Little Mr also got a medal as he touched a star fish and crab in the dipping pool

   (which is currently lost but when it turns up I will put the picture up)

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