Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Editing Photos

When selling online the only thing the customer has to go on is the photos so it is very important that I show my items in the best way possible. Sellers can spend hours achieving a good photo, I want to find a compromise where my photos are acceptable but don't take too long to process. Time taken on processing photos all eats into the profit margin and as my margin is already low I needed to find a simple solution to good photos and an attractive shop front.

I choose two free online photo applications to help me Picmonkey and Fotofuze

When taking photos of the items, I use a white background, take a few and decide which ones to use.

I alter them in Picmonkey . It is quick and easy, just a couple of steps

First (unless you have got the camera angle perfect) straighten your picture by clicking on rotate and moving the circle on the bar until you are happy. I also crop (if necessary) at this stage.

Next I adjust the exposure by clicking Auto adjust. I then play about a bit moving the Brightness and Highlights bars slightly until I get the look I want

I do the above steps on all my photos. The main one I then go on to edit in Fotofuze. I use the magic highlighter and the smallest circle and start to highlight around the edge of the object, once you start to do this it will automatically fill in the item for you. Click finish when this has been done and download the completed photo to your pc.

These are the photos of the stages (sorry but I forgot to keep a copy before I straighten it - but you get the idea)


pic monkey


I hope this is helpful to you, it also happens to be my first tutorial (-:

Enjoy and have fun playing with your photos.

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Silver Moss Jewellery said...

Great post, really helpful as photo editing can take ages if you let it and, as you say, very few of us have enough time to devote to it so need to find some kind of routine.

I do like your images, the stages are very clear, and I've never tried Fotofuze before but am going to give it a go, as your edited photo looks great!


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