Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Making a Story Sack

I have joined a craft group at my local library which has been set up for parents to make their own Storysack.  A storysack is a bag (I have used a pillowcase) which contains a book and items which relate to that book, you can put in anything in you like but the official sacks contain

A large sack/bag
Story Book
Non- fiction book relating to the theme
CD of the story
Soft toy(s) relating to the story
Game / Activities based on the book
Scenery or back drop for the story
An “idea card” with ideas for parents to develop their
children’s listening, reading and writing skills
An artifact (something that is related to the story but not a character)

The book I have chosen is The Night Pirates as little Mr loves pirates, I cheated slightly as I brought the version which has a CD with it, the others in the group will be lent a voice recorder to record their own CD. You do not have to join a group to make one, it can be done at home but the advantage of the group is I get to use the facilities ( I borrowed some fabric pens to decorate the sack). The group lasts 10 weeks so I will keep you updated on my progress as we go along.

So far I have made the sack

I traced the pictures, coloured with fabric pens and paints then appliqued the wording on. I decided not to put the name of the book on the outside so the book can be changed at a later date if little Mr gets fed up with it.

Bye for now see you tomorrow.

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