Monday, 5 September 2011

Getting ready for Christmas

 I have finally got round to start making some bits for Christmas, every year I make friends and family some handmade items. This year I will make up some felt trees with people names on. I am going to use these as gift tags then they can be kept to be hung on the tree.

They are double sided, one side has small coloured buttons on and the other wooden heart buttons and the persons name in letter beads. This is the first one I have done for myself, hopefully my sewing will get neater on the subsequent ones.

I have not decided what I will be giving out as the presents yet. If I manage to find any teacups I will do teacup candles. I would also like to give some handmade soap with crocheted face scrubbies but as I can't crochet yet, this may be a problem! I am going tomorrow to a knitting club (can't wait) so am hoping someone will teach me there. I will let you know how it goes.

Bye for now.

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