Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Trip into town

Today I took Little Mr to have a look around the local museum. It is very child friendly and they have lots of activities for children to do. Whilst in town I looked around the charity shops. I want some teacups to make into candles but unfortunately they only had ones in sets and not any loose individual ones, maybe I will have to take a trip out to a car boot sale at the weekend. I did however buy this karlsson clock, it was only £3 and I just love it. My original thought was it would look good in the bathroom and handy to as I always spend too long in the bath. I failed to remember this would be no good for me as I wear glasses and will not be able to see said clock whilst sitting in the bath.  Never mind I am sure it will find a home soon.

I have also gathered a few bits and pieces together for my next project, hopefully I will be able to make a start on this tonight but first I have to make myself some shampoo, I am nearly out so this is a job that must be done. I have not attempted shampoo yet but I have been making my own melt and pour soap.

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