Monday, 15 August 2011

Back to blogging

I haven't blogged in ages, well it seems that way but when I checked it is only 4 weeks, but it blogger land that is probably a long time. Being new to this I am still finding my feet and hope to blog more regularly.
In that 4 weeks Little Mr and I have been busy - he has had his 4th Birthday, we have been to Legoland, been to a dinosaur park and generally had lots of fun.
I have been neglecting my shop lately as life gets in the way and I am seem so tired all the time, Little Mr gets up at 5 I put him to bed at 7 but he never goes straight to sleep, by the time I have put the house back together after his days playing I am ready for bed myself. Really must stay up later and get some jewellery made.
This has just been a quick post to get me back into the swing of things, I will post again soon and next time I promise there will be pictures.

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