Thursday, 30 August 2012

Love it or hate it....


I love it, the short season is nearly ended so this will be the last I get this year. One year I will try to make something 'posh' with it but I am just as happy eating it with vinegar and fresh bread. I keep trying to get little Mr to taste it but being a fussy eater its is just not happening, shame as it is full of iron so quite good for you.

I decided that I would try to pickle some, not having a clue how to do this a quick google search revealed some answers, however many of the recipes said to soak in brine as you do when pickling onions. I did not see why as the plant lives in salt water so ignored this part. I let it soak in cold water for a few hours then just cooked it in spiced pickling vinegar for 2 mins and put it in the jars. It was still hot when I put it in the jars and as I wanted to try to keep it firm and not go too soft, I stood the jars in some cold water for a bit.

I do not have clue how it will turn out and won't know for a month or two until it is ready. The good thing about keeping a blog is, if it works I will be able to refer back next year to see what I done, and if it doesn't work I can try something different next year.


Michele said...

Wow, I have never tried this. Your comments about 'Mr' refusing to try it made me laugh. The only thing my bf would try is a new flavour of pot noodle... whereas I gravitate to anything 'new' in the fruit and veg section, I just have to give it a try :-)Michele x

Hearts and Cupcakes said...

You should try it, its only available in July / August. Some would call it an acquired taste but I have been eating it since I was a toddler so have been brought up on the stuff lol


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